Playing Age:  8-11
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Brown

Build:  Slim

Height:  4’4” (1.33m)

OVERVIEW:  Alisha is a great actress who is confident, energetic and loves to perform! She has a great stage presence, is also very photogenic and enjoys modelling. She has a good dancing ability, in particular, ballet where she obtained a Distinction in her latest exam.  Alisha is the second oldest to 3 sisters.

PERSONALITY:  Alisha is bright, outgoing, bubbly, well-mannered and pleasant and makes friends easily.

ABILITITES:  Alisha works well with others but also has the confidence to work on her own. She is a good leader. She is always looking to make herself a better performer. She works very hard to achieve any task given to her and follows instructions well. She is keen to succeed.