Playing Age:  28-45
Hair:  Blonde
Eyes:  Blue

Build:  Athletic

Height:  6ft 0ins (1.7m)
Location:  LONDON

OVERVIEW:  From a young age, Andy was immersed in the artistic world; from dance, theatre, music, poetry and acting.  He knew then that acting was what he wanted to do.  However, life took him on a different journey where he because a highly skilled flautist for many years.  Andy has now returned to acting along with many years of experience in the artistic world and brings with it, his experiences in life which he immerses himself into the roles.

PERSONALITY:    Andy’s is very well travelled and has visited many countries worldwide having family in varies parts and making many friends along the way.  Andy likes to surround himself with people of many cultures from which he builds a mini quilt of life.  He describes himself as a man of many tapestries of various walks of life.  He believes that together, we are all one!

Andy Anson - American Accent
Andy Anson - American Accent
Andy Anson - Sci Fi
Andy Anson - London Accent
Andy Anson - American Accent
Andy Anson - English Accent