Playing Age:  13-16

Hair:  Dark Blonde

Eyes:  Blue

Build:  Medium

Height:  5ft 3in (1.60m)

Ethnicity:  White / British


OVERVIEW:  Daisy is an enthusiastic and confident performer who has great dedication and stamina. She loves acting, singing and dancing and has already performed in a number of productions with local youth theatre companies and was recently cast in the British Theatre Academy’s production of The Addams Family. Daisy is extremely motivated and dedicated to her craft.

PERSONALITY:  Daisy is a fun-loving and pleasant individual. She has a few close friends but gets on well with most people and is well liked by her peers.

ABILITIES:  Daisy is able to learn lines very quickly and can become a character in a script easily.  She works well in a team but also has the ability to work on her own. She works very hard to achieve any task given to her and always delivers what is expected.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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