Playing Age:  19-23
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Brown

Build:  Athletic / Muscular

Height:  6ft (1.83m)
Location:  LONDON

OVERVIEW:  Dorian is a very committed, professional, driven and passionate actor who has always been into dramatics.  He came to England from Croatia to study acting at the East 15 Drama School where he obtained a BA in Acting and Community Theatre.  He enjoys travelling and eating!  He has also been into sports, particularly football and boxing. 

PERSONALITY:  Dorian is a confident individual who is fun and friendly and gets on well with most people. He loves exploring himself and feels that it offers a lovely, rewarding feeling.


ABILITIES:    Dorian implements the skills and disciplines he obtained through his love of sports to immerse himself mentally and wholeheartedly into character.  He is also trained in Stage Combat.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.