Playing Age:  25-35
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Hazel

Build:  Medium

Height:  6ft 1ins (1.85m)

OVERVIEW:  George is a very responsible and professional individual who likes reading and gaining knowledge and information. He loves to travel and regularly exercises in order to keep himself fit. George has a car and holds a valid UK driving licence. 

PERSONALITY:  Chris has a polite, positive and professional personality and gets on well with most people.  

ABILITIES:   George has a strong stage presence in Theatre work and can memorise texts easily. He works hard and dedicates himself to every job he works on. George likes to do a job properly and to the best of his ability.  He does not like to take shortcuts or the easy way. George has practiced Martial Arts (Karate) since he was eleven and currently holds a Black Belt in one discipline and a Yellow Belt in another. He can also do screen fighting and some stunts.

English NarrativeGeorge Kay
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Georgian NarrativeGeorge Kay
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