How to Join

We believe that the Agency/Client relationship should be a joint partnership where each side works together in order to get the best opportunities possible.  We pride ourselves on assessing each applicant individually to ensure that they get the best representation and we have the confidence in them that they have the necessary skills and abilities to meet the requirements of the jobs we find.


These days, Casting Directors request self-tapes for initial auditions for their castings for convenience purposes.  We have adopted this method for our audition process, however, if you prefer to audition in our Studios we would be happy to arrange this (however, this may delay the application process due to time constraints) .

To apply via self-tape audition, we ask that you send the following to
(Tapes should be filmed against a plain background in landscape mode with good natural lighting – facing a window or filtered light).


1.         A self-tape introduction.  Imagine the camera is your audition panel and that you are introducing yourself to us.  Be as natura
            as possible (if accepted we may use this on your online profile so you can introduce yourself to Casting Directors/Agencies.                Things to include: introduce yourself, your name, age, height, where you are from.  Then talk a little bit about yourself - what                experience you have, what you enjoy most, have you had any relevant training, what your hobbies and interests are.  (Try                    and  keep this reasonably short and to the point – no more than 5 minutes)

2.         A tape of a monologue/short poem (if you are looking for acting jobs).

3.         A tape of you singing a song of your choice, either with or without music (if this is relevant).  If you play an instrument, you                  may like to sing along to this.

4.         A tape showing your dancing ability (if this is relevant).

5.         If you have a showreel containing this detail, we would be happy to accept this instead.

6.         Please could you also advise what you would like/would not like to be submitted for (e.g. feature film, short film, television,                  commercials, musical theatre, stage, other - please specify.  We also get some still photography and voice over work).                        Please note, we are not a modelling agency and therefore, if this is something you are looking for in particular, then I would                recommend joining an Agency that specialises in this field.


7.         Finally, could you complete the attached questionnaire and sign the Agency Agreement in order that we may move forward                swiftly with your application if you are accepted.  (If you have a copy of your full CV that would also be very useful).



Once we have viewed your audition material and are happy that we can work together, we will e-mail you confirming this and will send you a copy of our Agreement to sign together with a questionnaire if we need additional information.


The best answer is, as much as possible!  Up-to-date head shots are a must (photos taken of you 10 years ago aren't going to give us the best representation of you now).  Stills of work, links to audio and video clips are really useful too if you have them.  (These can be older if this is all you have.  We will decided whether to use them in your profile or not).  The more information we have about you the more we get to know you and what you are capable of and the easier it will be for us to create a great profile for you.  This also ensures that we submit you for jobs that are relevant to you.  We do not have any desire to send you all the way to a casting only to find that it is not applicable to you. This not only causes you an inconvenience but it makes us look unprofessional too!


IMPORTANT!  Please ensure when sending images, that these do not contain any filters and have not been photo-shopped.  We can apply subtle filters or enhancements if necessary but it is important that when you arrive for a casting or audition that you actually look like your photo as lots of the time Casting Directors/Agents choose their applicants from the photo alone!


Unlike other Agencies, we only charge 15% commission on any paid work you receive via us and a minimal promoting fee of £25 a year.  For this we create your own 2 page profile on our website including a customised CV* and personal gallery for images, show reels and voice reels.  Both pages are kept up-to-date provided you supply the information, this fee includes ALL of the following:

  • Head Shots*

  • A 2 page profile on our website which includes:
    (1) A personal CV/Resumé which we will make available to Casting Directors/Agencies either via our website or e-mail, Spotlight or any other platforms we use to find work for our clients.
    (2) A personal gallery which can include any images (head shots or stills of your work), showreels/videos and voice clips. 

  • Maintenance and updates of your profile and CV.

  • Promoting your profile, matching it to relevant job specifications and submitting your profile for consideration to the relevant sources.

  • Liaising with Casting Directors/Agencies and organising castings/auditions for you.


* We have the facilities and equipment to take your head shots for you at our studios in Edgcott.  You are welcome to use a photographer of your choice and provide your own head shots.  However, any additional costs this incurs will be payable by you to the photographer direct.  We have set the promotional fee at a minimal cost of £25.  Therefore, we will be unable to offer any deductions or discounts should you choose to obtain services from other sources.


We charge 15% commission on all earnings, (including gifted items at APPAS’ discretion).  (See Agency Agreement for more information).


We work closely with Spotlight, a renowned Casting Agency used every day by casting directors looking to find the best performers for their projects, whether they're casting the latest blockbuster, a new commercial, the next touring theatre production or an eagerly-anticipated television drama series.  All our clients are expected to join Spotlight** (subject to eligibility) when registering with us to enable us to offer them the best opportunities available Worldwide.

The annual fee to become a member of Spotlight is £103 for Young Performers (under 25's) or  £154 for 25's and over.  This cost is paid directly to Spotlight via credit or debit card.  Spotlight also offer monthly direct debit payments for your convenience after your first year.  We do not charge any extra or make anything from this membership.  We know that this is currently the easiest way to access the best jobs and covers the largest area.  There have been many times when we have had the perfect client for a casting but we are unable to submit their profile because they were not a member.  


It is important that you fulfil your agreement with us and keep us updated with any projects you may be involved in whether submitted by us or not.  You must ensure that your profile is regularly updated to ensure that you achieve maximum potential.   We expect commitment from you to attend all castings or auditions you may be invited to, unless we have submitted you for something that is not relevant or suitable or you have another valid reason for not attending.  This is to ensure that we maintain a high profile with the agencies.


Should you have any other questions regarding our agency, please do not hesitate to contact us

May we take this opportunity to thank you for choosing APPAS Talent Agency and wish you the very best of luck!