Playing Age:  35-50

Hair:  Black (Natural–Grey)

Eyes:  Blue

Build:  Athletic

Height:  6ft 0in (1.82m)

Ethnicity:  White / British

Location:  LONDON

OVERVIEW:     Kenny is a passionate, dedicated actor who is creative and has a strong stage and film presence. He trained at the Anna Scher Theatre School (tutored by Graham Fletcher-Cook, Jon Campbell, Charles Verrall and Chloe Treend). Kenny is currently with the Outcasts Theatre Company which is run by Lance Steen, Anthony Nielsen and Dickon Tolson. His most exciting project to date was playing Jack the Ripper (lead) in Shakespeare vs. Jack the Ripper directed by Graham Fletcher-Cook.


PERSONALITY:  Kenny has a great personality and is a generally funny guy.  He has a distinctive and memorable face!

ABILITIES:  Kenny is a very versatile and adaptable actor who can perform comedic, supportive acting roles, and the protagonist and can mimic a wide range of accents.  Kenny can think on his feet and responds well to direction. He works well in a team and always tries to help his fellow actors.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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