Playing Age:  23-30
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:   Blue

Build:  Large

Height:  6’ 0” (m)


Scott is a professional actor who has always been into creative writing. His greatest strength is as a comedy actor. Since graduating from Newcastle University, he has performed in a 3-episode comedy show called “Close the Door Behind You” where he played 3 different characters in the show.  These included; an obnoxious nephew who only cares about what his aunt leaves in the will, a nervous middle- class son who is introducing his girlfriend to parents for the first time, and a guy who has been trapped in a basement for 12 years with his friend, Polly, and they make plans and escape.

He has also appeared in a music video for Shed Seven, “Room In My House”, playing a jester.  His latest work includes a short film in York called, Waiting for Brian”.


He is always looking to learn new skills and techniques in the acting industry and is willing to try new genres of acting.