Playing Age:  11-14
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Brown

Build:  Slim

Height:  4’5” (1.35m)

Sophia is a great actress who is motivated and energetic and has a natural comedic flair. She will try anything and is very confident in everything she does. Sophia is a talented ballerina and gained a distinction in her latest exam. She is mixed-race (British / Sri Lankan) and has the skin tone that is similar to that of Southern Indian descent.

 Sophia is a sensible individual who is well-mannered, bubbly and pleasant and makes friends easily.

Sophia can speak basic Spanish and French.  She is great at cross country running and is a brilliant gymnast who has competed to National Standard in the Arabian Gymnastics Squad where she has won 5 gold medals and 1 bronze!  She works well with others but has also has the confidence to work on her own.